Below are the portfolio companies that comprise Cornerstone, along with links to their respective websites.

Walbar Engine Components

Walbar produces turbine engine blades, vanes, segments and machined structures for commercial and military aircraft engines. The company also makes diesel engine core and turbo compressor assemblies.  Walbar operates from a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Guaymas, Mexico.

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IR Engraving, LLC

IR Engraving is an industry-leader in engraving industrial rolls and plates, gravure rolls, and building custom machinery in support of various industries including consumer goods, luxury vinyl tile, building products, and other industrial applications.

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UST-Aldetec Group

UST-Aldetec Group designs and manufactures RF components, electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards used in aerospace, defense, transportation and commercial applications. UST also supports customers’ legacy products through comprehensive maintenance and sustainment programs.

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Keystone Engineering Company

Keystone Engineering is a leading designer and manufacturer of satellite propellant tanks, domes and ancillary space products. Keystone also refurbishes the AWACS rotodome bearing assembly exclusively for the U.S. Air Force and NATO.

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RSA Engineered Products

RSA Engineered Products designs and builds highly-engineered, proprietary aerospace ducting, connectors, gimbal joints, and ancillary products for military, commercial and regional aircraft. RSA also manufactures ozone converters used in regional aircraft.

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Essner Manufacturing

Essner Manufacturing produces critical, precision CNC machined and sheet metal components, along with complex sub-assemblies for military and commercial aerospace applications. Essner maintains in-house secondary processing capabilities to provide its customers with turnkey solutions.

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Previous Companies

Pace Packaging Corporation

Pace Packaging designs, builds and sells specialty packaging equipment for the food, beverage, household chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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R-V Metal Fabricating, Inc.

R-V Metal Fabricating is a leading manufacturer of precision sheet metal components and sub-assemblies for the defense and aerospace industries.

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Mechtronic Solutions, Inc.

Mechtronic Solutions designs, qualifies and manufactures payload pods used on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.  MSI also designs and builds automated test systems, “iron birds”, and test range instrumentation for Aerospace and Defense applications.

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