July 1, 2021

EVERETT, WA – On July 1, 2021, Cornerstone Capital Holdings (“Cornerstone”) acquired Integrated Technologies, Inc. (“Intec”) from LMI Aerospace, Inc. (“LMI”), a division of The Sonaca Group.

Since 1989, Intec has been providing critical manufacturing and testing services of composite and thermoplastic products for its blue chip aerospace, defense and space customer base.  The company partners with its customers to provide both non-destructive as well as destructive testing to help validate and qualify new, non-metallic materials and components for use in demanding applications.  In addition, Intec maintains significant manufacturing and assembly capabilities to build final composite parts and assemblies to support full rate production.

Intec will complement Cornerstone’s other portfolio companies by adding composite solutions to its existing metallic manufacturing capabilities for airframe, engine and spacecraft manufacturing.

“We are extremely excited to add Intec to the Cornerstone group of companies,” said Cornerstone principal Jonathan Alt.  “Composites and thermoplastics have become a large and growing segment in aerospace manufacturing, and this acquisition allows us to now participate in that critical area.”

LMI acquired Intec in 2009, and recently began reviewing strategic alternatives for the business. “LMI is proud of the work performed by Intec and its employees,” said Brian Salmo, LMI’s Niche Market Business Unit Leader & General Counsel.  “We’re pleased that Intec is under the capable ownership of Cornerstone and look forward to a continued partnership.”

The acquisition of Intec also fits Cornerstone’s strategy to grow via acquisition of divisions of public and private corporations.  With this purchase, Cornerstone now operates from eight locations in North America.

About Cornerstone 

Cornerstone Capital Holdings is a diversified holding company comprised of leading manufacturing and industrial service businesses. Cornerstone companies serve aerospace, defense, space and various industrial customers worldwide. Founded in 2000, Cornerstone has grown both organically and through multiple, targeted acquisitions.

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